Westview Elementary

Dear Parents,
I wish all of you a happy and healthy 2019. We have much to be thankful for in this community. Hopefully we can all spend some time reaching out to make this school and this community even better over break and into 2019.

Westview is focused on using time effectively. Research indicates that effective reading instruction requires at least 90 uninterrupted minutes per day. In order for the block to run smoothly and the students to experience the most effective individualized learning during that time, routines, procedures, and expectations must be well-established. We need your support so that our reading blocks are not interrupted for appointments, messages, etc. We appreciate your cooperation as another way to support student achievement in reading at Westview.

I encourage families to read together anything that is of interest. This may include non-fiction books, magazine, newspapers, etc. The text may be read online or in print. There are many things that you can do as a family to help your children become better readers. Your child could read with someone, read to someone, share with someone what s/he has read, listen to someone else read, help others read, or read independently to suggest a few options.

I will be reading some of my favorite authors over winter break. I hope Westview students and staff will share with me what they read over break. I hope everyone makes the time to read something they enjoy throughout the holiday season.

I hope everyone makes the time to enjoy family and friends over the break.


Tammy Rhoades



New ILEARN Assessment Information



A few general reminders about procedural items.

Students need to be in class and ready to begin their daily activities at 7:50. Our dismissal time is 2:40 on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. We dismiss at 1:40 on Tuesday. We need for all our students to be here daily and on time. Attendance is a priority at Westview. Please schedule all appointments after school hours.  

Please remember to drive safely especially during drop off and pick up times. We have many wonderful kids and we need your support to help keep our school safe. If you are in a hurry and do not have time to wait, I suggest that you do not pull into the circle drive. There are alternative drop-off locations available; these options include dropping off your child at the corner or on one of the side streets. If you need to come into the building to talk with one of us, please park your car in a parking spot.  

When we have a two-hour delay, school will start at 9:50. Breakfast is not served when we are on a two-hour delay. You can access school closings/delays by going to the Richmond Community Schools web site, listening to the radio, or watching television.