RCS Mentoring Program

Richmond Community Schools Mentoring Program

Over 350 students in Richmond Community Schools are mentored by over 250 community volunteers. 

Mentors meet once a week one-on-one with a student (Kindergarten through 12th graders) to help with increase academic performance, self-esteem , and emotional development.  

Mentors strive to:

  • encourage good attendance
  • promote literacy
  • build character
  • strengthen confidence through friendly one-on-one interaction

With a non-judgmental attitude, each volunteer mentor seeks to enhance the joy of learning by working personally with one young person. Through this consistent and nurturing time investment, their student friend grows as a lifelong learner.

 Meeting times: Once a week for 30 minutes (during students' lunchtime).

Cruising Into Your Future Photo"Cruising Into Your Future" College/Career Coaches

This is a group mentoring program.  (Ratio 1 adult mentor to 4 students)  This is not a tutoring program.  This program is meant to build a positive relationship with a caring adult.  Students in grades 5-8 participate.  These students may be 21st Century Scholar eligible.  They may also be first generational college.  The mentor is able to choose from a list of topics to discuss with the students.  We request that the college/career coaches continue these relationships and meet with their group of students until they graduate Richmond High School (if possible). 

     Meeting times:  Once a week for 30 minutes (during students' lunchtime). 


To sign up to be a mentor for Richmond Community Schools, please contact...

Stephanie Hatfield
Telephone: 765.973.3300
Email: shatfield@rcs.k12.in.us


Debbie Baker
Telephone:  765.973.3418
Email: debbieb@rcs.k12.in.us


300 Hub Etchsion Parkway

Richmond, Indiana 47374

Fax:  765.966.1540